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caimex Telephone: +55 (11) 4617.7999
Fax: +55 (11) 4617.7998
Caimex is an international trading company working in the areas of mining, construction, rehabilitation, and demolition, representing, with exclusivity in Brazil, manufacturers of various types of equipment.

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We operate on the market since the early 90s, focusing our efforts in the representation, distribution, service, rental and service of products and equipment that we sell.

Our headquarters is located in São Paulo, with offices and representatives in several regions of the country. We have a team of highly trained professionals who provide our customers with a broad commercial and technical support, helping them to find appropriate needs to their projects solutions.

Major Marketed Products:

  • Trucks , jumbos and hydraulic drills for rock drilling
  • Rock drilling tools , such as hammers , bits , drill bits , rods , handles and gloves
  • Tools for mineral exploration
  • Compact Mobile Crusher
  • Hydraulic breakers
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  • Scales for measuring pulp density
  • Weighing systems for installation on front loaders
  • Laboratory equipment for mining
  • Anti - adherent agents to prevent accumulation of materials on equipment
  • Ventilation system for tunnels , mines and subways
  • Expansive mortar used as a non-explosive and soundless cracking agent for breaking up and quarrying rocks and concrete
  • Steel cables for diverse applications in mining and construction
  • Tools for artesian wells drilling and foundations
  • Stainless steel Pumps and Submersible motors

icone representantesBrands represented

  • hartl
  • protan
  • everdigm
  • cras
  • zitron
  • resemin
  • lhs
  • marcy
  • shakti
  • wls
  • asa12
  • ascorel
  • kovamac